Forensic Engineers Houston

EMA has Forensic engineers houston, corpus christi, austin, new orleans, baton rouge, Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Daytona beach, Melbourne, Cocoa beach, Tampa, Clearwater  & Orlando provide the highest quality of investigative engineering and expert witness services available. Our services includes damage inspections, structural damage assessment, roof damage inspections, fire damage inspections, building structural assessments, structural foundation collapse and assessment.

Our licensed and experienced engineers houston provide cause and origin, buildings defects, construction defects, damage inspections of residential and commercial properties post hurricane,  investigations,site investigation, testing, technical research, and analysis of the information to provide our clients with an independent opinion on the cause of failure.

Our team of experienced professionals offer the following areas of expertise:

– Building Defects by our forensic engineers houston, corpus christi, new orleans, baton rouge, galveston.
– Collapse & Insurance Claims and Reports
– Structural Condition Assessments
– Discovery Assistance
– Second Opinion Structural & Forensic Inspections for Dispute Resolution by forensic engineers Houston.
– Expert Witness & Testimonial

We provide structural & forensic engineers Houston reports to insurance, as well as adjuster clients for building failures, natural disasters and failures due to under design. We also provide estimates for repairs based on original values and ASV. Whether the collapse is due to a design fault, natural disasters, deficient structural deign or over-stressing. we can provide you good enough reports that can tell u the real problem.

The forensic engineers at EMA are renowned for their expertise in forensic investigation, evidence collection, failure analysis, specialized testing, and engineering consultation. Our qualified staff, extensive materials-engineering knowledge, and wide-ranging testing capabilities provide a valuable resource for assisting with all types of forensic investigation issues

Forensic Engineers Houston Investigations

In our analysis phase, we perform FEM modals of various structures for checking the collapse due to design deficiencies. We utilize our first-class facility, specialized equipment and highly trained personnel to conduct efficient, cost-effective investigations for clients.

Our team includes many licensed professional engineers who often serve as expert witnesses for forensic investigations. We also frequently perform independent, third-party investigations under the direction of outside experts retained by our clients or their attorneys. As an independent, third party laboratory, we provide laboratory services to experts who may not have the number of technicians or the full range of lab capabilities that we can provide.


forensic engineers houston



EMA Provides Forensic Engineers Houston Service after any Damage

An outstanding application of EMA Engineering’s expertise is Forensic engineers Houston to provide Building Damage Assessment.

Highly experienced structural engineers with forensic engineering experience and engineering staff are available for investigation, diagnosis, assessment and remediation advice covering, buildings and structures for damage of all types. We have experience of providing damage assessment and forensic inspections after major hurricanes including Andrew, Charlie, Katrina & Rita. OUr Forensic Building engineesr have worked through various hurricanes, storms and natureal disasters. Our structural engineers analyse the damages whereas our forensic engineers investigate the cause and origin of the collapse, damage or the issues of concern involved after an incidence.

We are trusted by the architects, property owners, builders, insurers and loss adjusters to establish the root cause of building and structural failures and to determine cost effective remedial works.

  • Structural / Building Assessments, building forensic engineers, Inspections and Forensic Investigations by forensic engineers Houston.
  • Investigation and damage assessment of all types of buildings and structures, retaining walls, pavements, water tanks and swimming pools.
  • Expert Witness and Reporting service for legal proceedings and court hearings.
  • Building and Structural Defects and Damage Causation investigation and reporting.
  • Cause of damage determination and repair specification for the insurance industry.
  • Remediation advice and disaster assessment following fire, storm, earthquake and flood events.
  • Pre-purchase building inspections for residential, commercial and industrial properties by forensic engineers houston.
  • Preventative risk assessments.
  • Building maintenance appraisals and recommendations.
  • Dilapidation surveys prior/post construction.
  • Building movement and underpinning.
  • Infrastructure damage and emergency management plans (buildings, bridges and other structures).
  • General building inspections, providing structural and building advice to property owners.

The purpose of the Forensic building engineers and Structural Engineers is to perform cause and origin of structural damages due to structural design faults, construction defects and ill maintained buildings, bridges, silos, and other superstructures.  Our engineers have extensive experience with the basics for the investigation of failures and understanding some of the pertinent legal aspects, which has prepared us for the eventual practice of forensic structural engineering.

Engineering investigation and determination of the causes of structural failures of buildings, bridges and other constructed facilities, as well as rendering opinions and giving testimony in judicial proceedings, often referred to as Forensic Structural Engineering, where most of the investigation is performed by forensic building engineers in teaming up with structural engineers, has become a field of professional practice of its own in the US. With rapid economic development, increased design sophistication, more-and-more daring construction technology and accelerated project delivery came the proliferation of structural failures throughout the world. Several countries are reviewing and/or streamlining technical, business, and legal procedures modeled on US practices – with both their advantages and faults – which require expert consultants/witnesses in both the forensic investigation and in the ensuing dispute resolution. Our engineers have extensive engineering enperience in all facets of damage origin determination.