Forensic Engineers Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi Forensic Engineers provides expert forensic engineers to our clients. An outstanding application of Engineering’s expertise is Forensic Engineering and Building Damage Assessment.

Highly experienced structural engineers with forensic engineers experience and engineering staff is available for investigation, diagnosis, assessment and remediation advice covering, buildings and structures for damage of all types. We have experience of providing damage assessment and forensic inspections after major hurricanes including Andrew, Charlie, Katrina & Rita.

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Forensic Engineers Corpus Christi.

Forensic engineers Corpus Christi are trusted by the architects, property owners, builders, insurers and loss adjusters to establish the root cause of building and structural failures and to determine cost effective remedial works by forensic engineers provide damage assessment as well as root cause investigation and damages related to hurricanes, floods and hail/wind.

  • Structural / Building Assessments, Inspections by forensic engineers Corpus Christi after hurricanes, floods and storms to building roofs, and exterior.
  • Investigation and damage assessment.
  • Expert Witness and Reporting service.
  • Building and Structural Defects and Damage investigation and reporting.
  • Cause of damage determination and repair specification for the insurance industry.
  • Remediation advises and disaster assessment following fire, storm, earthquake and flood events.

Forensic Engineers Corpus Christi.

  • Wind damage inspections and assessments.
  • Building cladding’s wind damage.
  • Roof damage assessments.
  • hurricane damage assessments in Austin, Corpus Christi, Houston.
  • Dilapidation surveys prior/post construction.
  • Building movement and underpinning.
  • Infrastructure damage and emergency management plans (buildings, bridges and other structures).
  • Hurricane building damage inspections, providing structural and building advice to property owners.
  • Basic Inspection Overview​​    Our rooftop to foundation inspections are non-invasive and non-destructive.
    • Exterior roofing, gutters, siding, grounds, windows, doors
    • Interior attic, basement, crawlspace
    • Electrical system including GFI circuits
    • Plumbing, drains, water heaters
    • Heating and ventilation
    • Functioning of normal operating controls
    • Inventory of current appliances
    • Exterior walkways, driveways, decking, grading as it impacts the house

As one of our primary services, forensic inspections corpus christi and investigations, have gained in popularity with our clients throughout Tampa Bay.  This service is for those who suspect they have a defective structure or defective system within the structure. For example, you have an A/C system that just doesn’t work right and you have had three different companies out and you received three different answers.  Who do you trust?  These inspections are designed to gather information quickly, determine the “Who, What, Where and Why” of the defect and the remedies needed to solve the problem.  We generate a report that provides overwhelming evidence for winning a potential court case for our clients. This type of service is extensive and may require destructive examination in order to determine what the defect is, and who is at fault. Because of its nature, this type of work requires an extensive knowledge base and experience of the construction industry.  An inspector must be able to visualize the inner workings of the structure or system in question and be capable of documenting his findings in a manner that is easily understood. Our staff has honed their skills through many years of experience in the field, not behind a desk, and we have the expertise to know how to convey the message.