Forensic Engineers Houston

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MTA forensic engineers, houston, TX.

Forensic Engineers Houston

Forensic engineers Houston provide services in the case of a collapse or after major natural storms to our clients. MTA Engineers has expert engineers as Forensic Engineers houston and Building Damage Assessment.

Highly experienced structural engineers with forensic engineering experience and engineering staff is available for investigation, diagnosis, assessment and remediation advice covering, buildings and structures for damage of all types. We have experience of providing damage assessment and forensic inspections after major hurricanes including Andrew, Charlie, Katrina & Rita.

Our forensic engineers are trusted by the architects, property owners, builders, insurers and loss adjusters to establish the root cause of building and structural failures and to determine cost effective remedial works by forensic engineers Houston and Corpus Christi, who provide damage assessment as well as root cause investigation and damages related to hurricanes, floods and hail/wind.

  • Structural / Building Assessments, Inspections, and Investigations by forensic engineers Houston after hurricanes, floods and storms to building roofs, and exterior.
  • Investigation and damage assessment of all types of buildings and structures, retaining walls, pavements, water tanks and swimming pools by Forensic Engineers Houston.
  • Expert Witness and Reporting service for legal proceedings and court hearings.
  • Building and Structural Defects and Damage Causation investigation and reporting.

Forensic Engineers Houston

  • Forensic engineers provide Cause of damage determination and repair specification for the insurance industry.
  • Remediation advises and disaster assessment following fire, storm, earthquake and flood events by forensic engineers Houston.
  • Pre-purchase building inspections for residential, commercial and industrial properties using forensic engineers.
  • Preventative risk assessments.
  • Hurricane damage assessments
  • Wind damage inspections and assessments, Melbourne
  • Building claddings wind damage
  • Roof damage assessments by forensic engineers.
  • hurricane damage assessments in Austin, Corpus Christi, Houston.
  • Building maintenance appraisals and recommendations.
  • Dilapidation surveys prior/post construction.
  • Building movement and underpinning.
  • Infrastructure damage and emergency management plans (buildings, bridges and other structures).
  • Hurricane building damage inspections, providing structural and building advice to property owners.

Forensic Engineers Houston

There are many examples of forensic methods used to investigate accidents and disasters, and one of the earliest in the modern period being the fall of the Dee bridge at Chester, England. It was built using cast iron girders, where each of which was made of three very large castings dovetailed together. Each girder was strengthened by wrought iron bars along the length. The bridge was finished in September 1846 and opened for local traffic after approval by the first Railway Inspector, General Charles Pasley. However, on 24 May 1847, a local train to Ruabon fell through the bridge and the accident resulted in five deaths (three passengers, the train guard, and the locomotive fireman) and nine serious injuries. The bridge had been designed by Robert Stephenson, and he was accused of negligence by a local inquest.

Duties of Forensic Engineers

Although strong in compression, cast iron was known to be brittle in tension or bending. On the day of the accident, the bridge deck was covered with track ballast to prevent the oak beams supporting the track from catching fire, imposing a heavy extra load on the girders supporting the bridge and probably exacerbating the accident. Stephenson took this precaution because of a recent fire on the Great Western Railway at Uxbridge, London, where Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s bridge caught fire and collapsed.

Structural damage can take many forms which may result from a myriad causes. Since structural damage can create hazardous conditions, it is imperative to investigate these claims quickly and thoroughly.

MTA engineers have many years of experience in structural design and construction industry and have even been called upon after many incidents. We bring a tremendous breadth of forensics experience to bear on structural damage investigations.

From blasting damage to sinkholes, vehicular impact to design defects, swimming pool damage to floor deflection, our team of seasoned forensic engineers is uniquely qualified to evaluate and diagnose structural issues. Don’t settle for a best guess opinion—get a clear and defensible opinion from MTA forensic engineers.

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